Is It Wet Yet, Inc. Reveals 8kun on Lokinet

Clarksdale, MS – November 2, 2019

Today we officially launch the full website for Is It Wet Yet, Inc. This serves as an information hub for all the projects we’ve been working on and a launchpad for future endeavors. We are pleased by the massive audience response, which has been overwhelmingly positive. We wanted to provide as many access options as possible for users. It took countless hours for our team and an abundance of patience among those eager to use our services.

We believe everyone will be pleasantly surprised at what we have lined up. One of our goals is to bring more to the table than you could have ever expected. This is why we did not put 8kun out there prematurely. We wanted to provide several robust methods for accessing 8kun.

Without further ado, 8kun is being made available today via Lokinet, Tor, and clearnet. Websites like 8kun are under constant threat of attack from cybercriminals, which necessitates the strongest possible cyber threat mitigation service. Vanwatech provides that service with their extremely robust technology. The exciting Project ODIN software is in its final phases of development and testing.

8kun has endured malicious attacks and mischaracterizations by people who have never even used 8kun, which has been under wraps until today. This is a phenomena we dubbed 8KDS. Our methodical rollout ensures 8kun has the strongest level of service availability in the face of cyber attacks, DDOS, public spam campaigns, and the inevitable bugs that arise as the platform ramps up to a large scale user base.

Early adopters using Lokinet will be the first pioneers in this regard. We welcome these brave test pilots.


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